Bring Back the Birds! Predator Free Dunedin

The Halo Project Bird Survey by Scott Mouat

How safe is my cat? by Scott Mouat


Please note: a lot of our resources have been created under our previous project name of “Beyond Orokonui”. We have subtly changed the project name in order to focus more on the Halo Project. We are sorry for any confusion this may cause when you are reading our resources :)

Forest Habitat Restoration

Freshwater Enhancement

  • We haven’t quite started this project yet…

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Educational resources

  • School Resources - GPS Protocol

  • School Resources - Project Guide

  • School Resources - Trap Box Protocol

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Beyond Orokonui Project Maps

  • Aerial photo of the project area

  • Broad indigenous and exotic habitats within the project area

  • Geology of the project area

  • Habitat and vegetation map

  • Location of the project area

  • Threatened environments in the project area