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Want to get involved to bring back native wildlife to your neck of the woods?


Please, fill in the Predator Free Dunedin survey monkey questionnaire (click on the orange words to be taken to a separate website). This step is really, really, really important. We need to collect data to develop an action plan for each of the areas throughout Dunedin.

If you provided your details in the survey monkey questionnaire then we will add you to our contact list and will keep you posted on progress.


Please, fill in the form below and tell us how you think you can help and we will be in touch. 

Here are some examples of how you may be able to get involved:

  • Host a trap in your property.

  • Become a trapping volunteer on public land.

  • Supply us with bait - eggs, rabbit meat, apples.

  • Enter data.

  • Help clear tracks.

  • Help write funding applications.

  • Spread the Halo Project message.

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