Freshwater Enhancement

Supporting holistic approaches to healthy water catchments.

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Healthy indigenous biodiversity is dependent on healthy surface and groundwater systems. The Halo Project is working to support communities develop projects to look after their water ways.

If you are interested in learning more about the Freshwater Enhancement activities please contact us.

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Curious Minds Project

The Halo Project recently received funding from Curious Minds ( to work with three local schools surrounding the Blueskin Estuary: Waitati, Warrington and Purakaunui to evaluate what the limits of specific catchments are, before ecological thresholds are crossed. Students will examine the impacts that different land management practices (both agricultural management practices and urban land use practices) can have on water quality and native biodiversity. Other catchment characteristics, such as extent of different vegetation types and topographical features, will be evaluated as part of students’ critical thinking.

To find out more about this exciting project download our project outline (soon to be available here). 


Predator Free

Forest Habitat Restoration

Seabird Habitat Restoration