Kaka sightings - we want to hear from you!


The Halo Project and Orokonui Ecosanctuary are interested in finding out where the kaka that leave the ecosanctuary are going, and what they get up to. Maybe you live in a kaka ‘hotspot’ where they visit often, or have seen them flying by regularly. Kaka normally nest from October - March and we are interested in knowing if you’ve seen any related activity outside the ecosanctuary. If you’ve seen kaka flying about, please get in touch with any answers to these questions:

1)  Have you seen or heard kaka near your house?

a.     If yes, how many?

b.     How often have you spotted them? Recently?

c.     Individuals are identified with bands around their legs called colour bands, have you noticed any? *Record the left foot top band first then the bottom band and repeat on the right foot.

d.     Do you have any interesting observations of kaka behavior outside of Orokonui Ecosanctuary (e.g. mutual feeding, mating, or nesting behavior)?

2)  Do you have fruit trees near your house? Or other trees that the kaka feed at? Do you feed them?

3)  Do you have any traps (Halo Project or private) near you?

Respond in any way that works for you... Thank you!

-       Email us at kaka.haloproject@gmail.com

-       Check us out on NatureWatch under kaka_haloproject

-       Find us on Facebook @beyondorokonui

-      Or post in your answers to PO Box 1320, Dunedin

Rhys Millar